Adam was an active four year old male with a very aggressive temperament. He frequently got into fights with other children and has been moved to four different pre-schools.

Chief Complaints

  • Hyperactivity
  • Gets angry and violent combined with antisocial behaviour
  • Rash on abdomen
  • Wets the bed and wakes throughout the night


  • Diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed Ritalin. Parents refused to use medication.
  • Elimination of yellow dyes and sugar from diet seemed to help
  • Treated with steroids for eczema in the past
  • Sinusitis at 1 year old (treated with antibiotics)


Comprehensive Metabolic Profile

  • B Vitamin insufficiency: Deficient in several B vitamins
  • Cellular Energy: Requires supplementation with amino acids
  • Neural Function: Signs of low amino acids
  • Bacterial Compounds: Indicators high for overgrowth of unfavourable bacteria
  • Fatty Acids: Low EPA and DHA fatty acids
  • Foods: Severe reactions to egg, milk, strawberries and wheat. Moderate reactions to almonds and corn.

Treatment Plan

  • Devise nutritionally balanced menus eliminating all foods showing severe and moderate reactions. Rotate all mild and non reactive foods.
  • Supplement with multi vitamin/mineral, additional B vitamins, krill oil, probiotic and amino acids.

Follow Up

Lab Work: Following retest Adam’s results showed improvement in most areas. His mother reports a dramatic improvement in behaviour. “my son is sleeping through the night, he’s stopped wetting the bed and he’s started telling jokes – he’s so much happier”. His supplements were adjusted accordingly. Vitamin B6, multivitamin/mineral, probiotic and amino acids continued but at reduced dosages. B complex discontinued, 5HTP just used as needed to support sleep. Fatty acids reduced to one capsule in the evening.