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Two major types of food reactions involve antibody production in your body: Immediate Reactions to Foods (IgE)

Classic allergic reactions occur within 3 hours after eating. They are usually caused by high IgE antibody blood levels that produce an immediate allergic response. This allergic reaction may appear as a rash after eating foods like strawberries or crabmeat. The potentially fatal but very rare “anaphylactic” reaction after eating foods like peanuts or shellfish is another example of an “IgE” reaction.

Delayed Reactions to Foods (IgG4)

These reactions are much more difficult to notice since they can occur hours or days after consumption of an offending food. Yet, this “delayed” type of reaction is far more common than the immediate IgE type. In some cases, you may eat a food for several days before developing a reaction to it, so you may not realize the link between the food and your symptoms. These delayed reactions to food are often referred to as “hidden” food sensitivities. They are caused by increased IgG antibody blood levels in reaction to specific foods. Often, the offending foods are hard to avoid and frequently eaten, such as milk, corn, and wheat.

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