Amino Acid Profile – 11

Specimen: Blood Spot

Price: £94.00

Known as the “building blocks” of proteins, amino acids have many important functions in the body including the regulation of muscle and hormone activity and the formation and maintenance of every tissue in the body (i.e., bone, ligaments, tendons, muscle). They play a major role in nearly every chemical process that affects both physical and mental function. Eleven amino acids are considered essential. Our bodies cannot make them, therefore we must receive them from our diet. When amino acid supply is inadequate to meet tissue demand, important body functions suffer. This results in the appearance of signs and symptoms ranging from immune system effects to cardiovascular disease to emotional disorders and more.

A formula for a customized amino acid blend, based on your specific test results, is provided with every plasma and blood spot amino acid test result. The customized amino acid formulation provides appropriate amounts of essential and conditionally essential amino acids, delivered in a balanced ratio to offset the risk of imbalance sometimes seen with the use of single amino acid supplements. This blend is manufactured for us by Metabolic Maintenance who are specialists in the field of customised nutrition.

Fasting plasma levels represent a stable balance between supply and utilization of amino acids. The plasma amino acid profile illuminates problems in absorption by determining essential amino acid derivatives showing neuroendocrine metabolic disorders as well as functional vitamin and mineral disorders. Also assessed are amino acid derivatives focusing on energy, sulfation, muscle wasting and bone loss.

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